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let's get these teen hearts beating faster.
while half of us were lost, the other half forgot.
we will never believe again, preach electric to a microphone stand. 
9th-Nov-2011 08:14 am
two's a company
So our library finally blocked tumblr for our usage. Aww. Which lead me to log on here. I don't really feel the need to blog about anything, I mean, I'm too lazy to blog about anything significant but I'm blogging for the sake of doing something.

I arrived two hours early for my first class. Which starts at 9AM. It's currently 7:55. Or at least, according to the computer I'm using. I'm looking for some dramione fics right now, and it amuses me that the one sitting beside me is on ff.n looking for fics in Gakuen Alice. Haha.

I don't know. Maybe I should read a manga instead.

I'm scared, though. Because my 10:30-12:00 class is different from all my friends. Meaning, I'll be with people I don't know, who may or may not have failed Algebra last sem as well. I'm weary of my prof. A friend of mine had her last sem and she failed too. And that makes me jittery.

And please ignore the irrelevant post title. I just happened to be listening to that as I type this.

In other news, I'm beginning to favor commuting over riding the bus. Which makes me feel guilty, because we still pay a little over 2k for that, and I don't even ride it most of the time. Mom's right, it's convenient that I have an option, but on the other hand, it's like throwing away money. And I'd rather have the money she pays for the bus and use it as my commuting fund. But I still have no idea how to go to MC from my house. Fuck. Why is Katipunan so out of the way. Everyone going to Katipunan has to use so many means just to arrive here. It's almost as if it's isolated. Haha. I use about 50 commuting from Katips to Pasig. AND THAT'S JUST PASIG. That would mean I'd use about a hundred everyday just to go to and fro.

That sucks, as my 200 peso allowance only permits me to do so much. My big appetite doesn't help either. 200 pesos isn't a lot when I'm looking for meals that will satisfy my hunger in the morning and noon. Nothing in the MC caf ever makes me feel full. At least, not without spending over a hundred. Gah. Nothing in Katipunan is cheap. Nothing.

Maybe I'll stop riding the bus next month. Hopefully. I really don't want to anymore. Although using public vehicles all by myself never fails to make me paranoid, I think I'd rather have that than feel like a spoiled brat mixed with younger kids and teenagers in the school bus. Haha. I speak as if I'm no longer seventeen. I am turning eighteen next year, but yeah.

Funny, I never really felt like a spoiled kid when riding the school bus before. Maybe it's because I've had a taste of how it really is. And I feel liberated. I feel like I'm really growing up, like I'm letting go of how I was then.

And another thing, can I just say that I'm honestly enjoying it here in MC. I really have no plans of transferring and I hope my parents don't either. I'm happy with the environment, I'm happy with the friends I gained and I just feel content. I really want to hone my skills here. Here, not in DLSU, UP or anywhere. It's sad that MC really wasn't any of my blockmates' first choice, but I really like it here.
17th-Nov-2011 10:35 pm (UTC)
Gahd, I KNOW RIGHT? Nothing in Katip is cheap. GO TO MANG INASAL!
18th-Nov-2011 09:47 am (UTC)
It's like they expect us to have lots of money. BUT WE DON'T. Jusko. Hahaha, if all else fails, go to Mang Inasal. <3
18th-Nov-2011 10:16 pm (UTC)
I KNOW. Uh, hello? Not everybody who goes to school there bathe in 1000 peso bills. -____-

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