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let's get these teen hearts beating faster.
while half of us were lost, the other half forgot.
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I get a little too attached to my favorite bands.
I like being girly and feminine. I like sweet and soft looks. I like ribbons/bows, necklaces and cute accessories. Make up fascinates me and I love experimenting with it.

But I also like listening to alternative rock and pop-punk/punk-rock music. I adore bands. I like dressing down to a band tee and jeans. I like banging my head and getting sweaty during their concerts and as well as fighting for their merch.

I just don't get how people can't accept that some girls are this way.

I like being girly and listening to this kind of music.

You guys preach on and on about how you guys want society to stop stereotyping others and yet there you go doing exactly that. And no, I'm not going to shut up and I'm not being a smart ass, I'm saying what's true.

You know what the truth is? Those people we hate so much? Deep down, there's a part of us that's exactly like them.

Stop acting like you're the shit. You're not.

I'm posting this regardless of whether this made sense or not. I just needed to let it out. Too tired to proofread, too irritated to care.

In other news, I'm definitely hating the HannahDamian tandem. And I hate how they keep panning to Hannah whenever it's Damian's screen time in the last episode. They're just friends dear god. I wish they didn't make it seem like there was something going on.
Gotta love Sue [GLEE]
I was a nerd (or at least I tried to look like one, I ended up looking like Charice on Glee haha!), a creepy looking ghost that can pass as a possessed panda, snow white (I really just put on a red bow and coincidentally wore a blue shirt) and a cat.

Happy Halloween!
Sakura's Most Wanted
Is it weird that I miss the feeling of liking someone?

Because I do.


I just miss waking up and thinking, "omg, I might see him today!". Or arriving in school and wondering if he's here, and during assembly you frantically search for the back of his head in his class' line whilst trying to play it casual. Or that moment when you unexpectedly bump into him and you have to look away because you know that if you do look at him you're bound to either melt, keep staring or babble about something incoherent.

And believe it or not, I miss the frustration that comes with liking someone. I don't know. I guess I just miss the thrill of it all, even though I know the chances of my feelings being reciprocated range from slim to none. Pretending is always fun, even if it's what sends me to a sulking mess.

I guess that's why I go to there often. Because it's where he, the last boy I liked, is. And what I'm chasing is not actually him, but, instead, the feelings I felt when I liked him. Of course, I probably still like him more than I think I do but I'm not as eager I guess. I just like seeing him because seeing him reminds me of the thrill.

This has been a post.
HEY MOON - p!atd

I came so close to seeing you guys. But you just had to break up. I love these boys so much and the music they made as TAI. It just hurts to know I came so close to seeing them live. I waited years. YEARS. And I'm still not over their break up. So to hear that they were supposed to be the other band coming here, well, it's like dumping a heap of salt on an open wound.


I am still so excited for the LIV5 concert. I love The Summer Set and A Rocket To The Moon so much oh my god. Tears were pricking my eyes when I found out about their coming here. Forever The Sickest Kids and The Ready Set are coming too! I've only listened to a bunch of songs from them but I'm still excited! And I have no idea who A+ Dropouts are but I'm definitely checking them out!

I was actually sort of disappointed that The Maine hasn't announced a concert yet. I want to see them again! Although I have a feeling their concert will be bigger. Crossing my fingers (and toes)!

Thank you MMI. THANK YOU. You have no idea how much these bands and the people that make it up means to us.
suck it. :)

18th-Oct-2011 08:07 pm - LJ, LJ, oh how I missed thee.
Kurt Hummel is better than you. [GLEE]

How long has it been? I don't really know. Years, I suppose. So many things have changed since then. For one, I'm in College now. Gone are the days wherein I receive a less than impressive mark from a test and not have to worry. I'm also seventeen now. My taste in music definitely got better though and I've gotten more confident with how I look.

And, actually, though I stopped updating here, I continued blogging. On tumblr. And I've been quite satisfied and surprised by the number of followers I gained. Haha. Still surprises me to this day. Why I came back, you ask? I guess you can say I needed a less scrutinizing space. I needed somewhere to vent, preferably somewhere only a few know. I have a private blog, but I plan on updating here as often as I feel the need to do so. And I really didn't want to go through the trouble of creating a wordpress account, and so here I am. :3

Don't get me wrong, I like it there. I like being heard, the people I get to relate to and stuff but it just gets so suffocating at times. It can get really negative, and I don't want any of that. As if I don't have enough crap to deal with. And I miss typing actual words and not abbreviations. It's convenient, but I feel like it will stick to me if I do it excessively.

Heh. I was unsure of whether I wanted to make this blog active again, actually. I mean, this was a separate section of my life. Back when I was less mature, and it makes my cheeks heat up whenever I try to read my past posts. I didn't know whether I wanted to 'document' my early high school life + early college life together. But earlier something happened and I was just overflowing with so much irk that I just had to vent somewhere other than tumblr.

So yeah. Expect to hear from me more often. :3
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